Meet the Ripps

With farming on all sides of our families, it’s no surprise we ended up here….farming. This is our first go as young farmers – raising crops, cattle and kids – and figuring it out as we go. We’ve got big plans for our future cow-calf herd and enjoy working the land, growing beans, alfalfa and corn.

At RippView Ridge LLC, we live by three simple words: faith, family and farming.

Faith | Faith that God will provide and guide. Faith that the crop will grow. Faith that the weather will hold so you can get the corn harvested. Faith that the newborn calf will make it. Faith in the markets. Faith that it will all fall into place.

Family | Family by your side – in sickness, health, rich or poor. Family that comes together to get the work done. Family that sits around the kitchen table together. Family that makes the hours, hard work and calloused hands worth it. Family that dreams together and breathes life into this future.

Farming | Farming with love of the land and animals. Farming for the ability to work the land and leave it better than you found it.  Farming to feed the growing world. Farming to continue for the next generation.

We’re glad you’re here. Feel free to reach out and connect!