Meet Avery

Hi! I’m Avery. [Farm kid, firstborn, and a lover of puddle jumping.]

I dream big and am making plans to become a ballerina when I grow up. I’m a huge fan of “pretty dresses”…but I’m also not afraid to get dirty.

Some of my favorite things include long runs on field roads, visiting our cattle, helping mom pick asparagus, playing in mud puddles, picking rocks, exploring grandma and grandpa’s farm with my cousin and riding in the Ranger.

I’m a total farm kid and you’ll find me in the buddy seat. My favorite is when my dad lets me drive when we’re vertical tilling our land. You should see the smile on my face when I get behind the wheel! And I love to watch when we work and feed cattle. You can usually find me climbing or sitting on the fence – I can’t miss the action!