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Those spring planting vibes

Spring time is a roller coaster ride when it comes to farming. To survive, you need to strap in and hold on tight.

And while the farmers in my family seem to be immune to talking about their emotions, it’s this time of year that I see them come out the most with the culprit being equipment breaking down or the forecast or not having enough hours in the day. To survive this time of year and the vibes that come with it – yes, survive is the correct term – here are a few ideas:

  1. A fed farmer is a happy farmer. While my husband would probably tell you that 9/10 I’d tell him to make his own damn sandwich, there is something to be said about going out of your way to keep these farmers fed – especially this time of year. Stocking up on easy to transport snacks at Costco that are grab-and-go can make all the difference when they’re out in the tractor at 11 PM at night trying to beat the rain. I find that they’re typically not too picky and are very appreciative to have something in their belly.
  2. Lean on your village. My husband and I work full-time off the farm, so many nights it’s a game of divide and conquer. I take the kid while he takes the planter to the field. It’s these long nights that I don’t know what I’d do without my mother-in-law. She’s the first one to make sure that the guys are fed or be their ride from field to field. She’s also the first one that volunteers to watch our daughter so I can keep up with the garden or go grocery shopping. She’s a gem and I am forever grateful for all she does for our family and that I was lucky enough to join her village.
  3. Take a pause. This is advice I try to follow no matter the time of year, and I find myself repeating it daily (usually out-loud to my husband) when spring time hits. In the shuffle between farm work, house work and hard work, it can easily get overwhelming. While this might be a little out there for some, I recently started being more intentional about the pause in my day – mostly spurred by the craziness of this time of year. I downloaded the Simply Being app and hiiiiighly recommend if you’re new to meditation.

While simple, I hope you found these tips helpful…or at the very least a little entertaining. In this busy time called spring, it’s important to remember that the crazy is only temporary, you can’t decide the weather and the reason you got into farming is because it’s a rewarding way of life. Hold these truths close to your heart and plant on.

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